By the Pound Pickup
Items available from the "By The Pound" Menus. Available hot or cold.
By the Pound Delivery
Deliver up to 5 miles for $2.00. $2 per mile over 5. Warmers available for $10 each. Setup available for $25.
On Site Catering
We bring our mobile kitchen to you. We setup, maintain, and clean up a buffet area. You keep leftovers. 75 or more people required.
Ordering Suggestions
Meats: 1/2 pound per person
Approx 4 sandwiches per pound
Hot Sides: 3 people per pound
Cold Sides: 4 people per pound

On Site Packages

Premium meats and sides are subject to an increase per person as noted:
Brisket plus $2 per person
Chesapeake Chicken $3 per person
Ribs $2 per person
Crab mac and cheese $2 per person
Crab mac salad $1 per person
Credit card payments will have a 3% surcharge added.

We travel up to 25 miles included in price. $2 per additional mile up to 60 miles. 30% deposit due to hold date.

Tax and 10% gratuity added to bill. All parties are self serve. Rolls and sauce included. Leftovers packaged for you! Plates and plastic ware may be added for price listed in add ons menu.

1 Meat, 2 Sides
$18 per person
2 Meat, 2 Sides
$21 per person
3 Meats, 3 Sides
$26 per person
4 Meats, 3 Sides
$29 per person

By The Pound Meats

* Rolls are NOT included in By The Pound Meat catering options but can be purchased separately. *

* Rolls are NOT included in By The Pound Meat catering options but can be purchased separately. *

By the Pound Cold Sides



Sweet, smokey, peppery, this is the house favorite
Tangy, mustardy, sweet BBQ
Sweet and Boozy
Beautifully crafted garlic and old bay sweet bbq sauce
Horseradish, vinegar, mayo, sugar, cayenne
Sweet vinegar sauce popular in North Carolina
A mustard sacue native to South Carolina with 18 ingredients
Our Kansas City mixed with a sweet thai chili sauce
Smooth mix of sweet and heat
Vinegar hot sauce focused on flavor
A good cross between a hot sauce and a BBQ sauce
Delicious pineapple paired with the torturous heat of the ghost pepper
Our Hottest Sauce! Scorpion, ghost, habanero, and jalapeno peppers accompany flavor and sweetness